May 21, 2017 – Working House Fire (Center Avenue)

May 21, 2017 –  At 01:00 Fire District 63 was dispatched to 67 Center Avenue for a house fire. Chief 63 (Donatti) arrived on scene and advised of a working house fire at 69 Center Avenue threatening exposures.

Engine 63-12 arrived to the A side with Ladder 63-25 arriving shortly thereafter. Engine 63-17 also arrived to the A side and assisted with stretching lines, securing a water source, and forcing the front door to the residence.

Tower 63-22 and Engine 63-13 arrived to the rear, deployed ground ladders, and setup roof operations. Interior crews performed a primary search of the first and 2nd floors, and while advancing to the attic — firefighters were met with heavy fire conditions. The fire was brought under control within 30 minutes and all personnel remained on scene for approximately 3 hours. Chief 63 had command.

Pottsville RIT and a first alarm Tanker Task Force were also requested to the scene. Photos MLK*




May 1, 2017 – Working Commercial Fire (Pine Grove Borough)

May 1, 2017 – At 17:53 Fire District 63 was dispatched to 10 Snyder Avenue, Pine Grove Borough, as part of a 3rd alarm commercial fire. Due to the size of the building and the amount of fire, the scene was declared defensive operations only.

Large master streams were placed into service on all sides of the building and various hydrants were secured for water supply. Crews from Station 4 assisted with fire attack and overhauling storage units located on the B side of building.

Tanker 63-38 and Squad 63-69 responded from Station 4. Other District 63 units included E63-12, E63-13, Tower 63-22, and Ladder 63-25. Chief 63 and 63-01 had command of the SHFD units operating at the scene. Photos MLK*


April 12, 2017 – Reported Structure Fire South Margaretta

April 12, 2017 – At 15:32 the SHFD and Pottsville RIT were dispatched to 201 South Margaretta Street, Schuylkill Haven for a working structure fire. Chief 63-02 arrived on scene and advised SCCC of fire on the porch with no extension inside the house. First arriving Engine 63-12 deployed two handlines and knocked down the fire. Manpower from Station 1 and 4 were utilized for overhaul. Chief 63-01 (Motko) had command. MLK Photos*

March 8, 2017 – Working Structure Fire (West Main Street)

March 8, 2017 – At 10:23 the SHFD was dispatched to 121 Tennis Avenue for a house fire. As Engine 63-12 and Engine 63-17 became enroute, SCCC advised of an address change to 130 Tennis Avenue, directly across from Boyer’s IGA.

Engine 63-12 arrived on location and confirmed a working fire and stretching a line to the B side. Engine 63-17 secured a hydrant located in front of the church of the Nazarene and laid 5-inch to Tower 63-22 parked at the A/B corner. Interior crews made quick work of the fire located on division 1 and fire personnel remained on scene for approximately 2 hours. Station 2 Assistant Chief 63-94 had command. MLK Photos*

March 3, 2017 – Multiple Vehicle Accidents (Berne Drive)

March 3, 2017 – At 18:20 Stations 1 & 4 were dispatched to the area of 320 Berne Drive, for multiple vehicle accidents with unknown injuries. Chief 63-03 (Sweigert) arrived and advised of extremely icy road conditions and multiple vehicles stuck. Engine 63-17 arrived first and checked on the occupants to make sure of no injuries. PennDot was requested by Chief 63-03 to salt the roadway so the vehicles could continue on their way. Fire personnel remained on scene for approximately 1 hour. Photo via Brush Captain Peel.

February 27, 2017 – Squad 63-69 Project Near Completion

This past weekend Squad 63-69 had  more work completed to the exterior. An LED Brow Light was installed with a custom bracket fabricated by No Sweat Service Group. On Saturday evening several members installed a new custom hose bed cover created by The Squad and Engine now have matching covers and the Wagon also has a “Philadelphia” style net from D&S. A few more items including additional electrical outlets and a head set system are planned for the near future.

February 1, 2017 – Structure Fire Schuylkill Mountain Road

February 1, 2017 – At 13:31 the SHFD was dispatched to 774 Schuylkill Mountain Road for a structure fire. As all units became en-route SCCC advised of a single family dwelling with a neighbor reporting smoke coming from the residence. Chief 63 arrived on scene and found smoke coming from the basement. Crews found the source of the smoke to be a malfunctioning light ballast. Chief 63 had command.

January 24, 2017 – C&C Candies Commercial Fire

January 24, 2017 -At 18:44 Station 4 was dispatched along with Fire Districts 34 and 58 t0 1305 Long Run Road,  Friedensburg for a commercial fire. As Engine 63-17 became en-route SCCC advised of a firefighter on scene confirming a working fire to the rear of the building.

Engine 63-17 arrived on location and immediately noticed an occupant of the apartment building needing assistance from a second story window. Fire personnel used a 24ft extension ladder and rescued an elderly male from the window.

Engine 63-17 then proceeded to lay 1000ft of 5 inch supply line to a neighboring pond to establish water supply to the scene. Wagon 63-16, Squad 63-69 and Tanker 63-38 all responded with full crews and provided manpower assistance at the scene. Chief 63-02 (Reed) had command of the incident.

January 18, 2017 – House Fire Dove Street (North Manheim)

January 18, 2017 – At 18:20hrs the SHFD was dispatched to 16 Dove Street for a reported house fire. Engine 63-17 arrived and found a malfunctioning electrical outlet behind the stove. Crews checked for extension using a thermal imagery camera. All SHFD units were placed available by Chief 63-01 (Motko).

January 18, 2017 – RIT to Pottsville City For WSF

January 18, 2017 – At 14:22 the SHFD Rapid Intervention Team was dispatched to 113 South Jackson Street, Pottsville for a working house fire. RIT arrived and staged on the A side while Pottsville firefighters made quick work of the fire. Squad 63-69 and Engine 63-12 were then placed available by Pottsville command.

January 7, 2017 – Working Structure Fire (Foster Township)

January 7, 2017 -At 06:23 Station 4 was dispatched to 199 Valley Road, Foster Township as part of a Tanker Task Force for a working house fire. Tanker 63-38 arrived on scene and assisted with water supply and manpower.  Squad 63-69 arrived an established a tanker fill site as requested by command. The fill site was established at a hydrant located in the High Ridge Industrial Park. The Squad filled 15 tankers and Tanker 63-38 hauled 2 loads of water to the scene.

January 6, 2017 – Chimney Fire Meadow Drive (South Manheim)

January 6, 2017 – At 06:19 Stations 2 and 4 were dispatched along with Fire Districts 56 and 47 to 248 Meadow Drive, South Manheim Township for a chimney fire. Tanker 63-38 responded and arrived on scene with 5. Command released the Tanker shortly after arrival. The fire was quickly contained.