Mutual Aid Response To Trash/Brush Fire

Volunteers & Community Since 1908.

At 14:21, Orwigsburg Chief 56 (Rarick) requested the Schuylkill Haven Fire Department to 361 East Second Mountain Road for assistance at a brush/trash fire. Engine 63-12 was the first arriving engine from District 63 and laid a 5-inch supply line from a pond to a large trash fire.

Engine 63-17 picked up that 5-inch, set up drafting operations and supplied the scene with water.

Personnel, in addition to the first-arriving crews, helped to extinguish a brush fire that originated from the trash fire and rapidly spread into a neighboring wooded area.

Crews needed to remove trees and heavy brush to gain apparatus access through the woods. Due to the size of the wildfire and high temperature, multiple departments with tankers and UTVs were called to assist. Both fires were brought under control in approximately 1 hour. Chief 63 (Donatti) had command of the SHFD units.

Drone 63 also assisted in surveying hot spots.

Photos C63-4.


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