Tanker 63-34

Volunteers & Community Since 1908.

1992 4-Guys International Tanker Pumper

Function: Responds to wildfire events and areas in our first due with no hydrants. This apparatus also responds to all mutual aid calls as this coverage area is rural in nature.
Pump: 500 GPM
Tank: 2000 gallons
Seats: 5 Firefighters

4 MSA Air Packs
50 ft. of 5″ Large Diameter Hose
100 ft. of 3″ Hose
2000 Gallon Portable Dump Tank
Hazmat Materials
Numerous Hand Tools
1 Echo Vent Saw
600 ft. of 1” forestry hose
forestry appliances and nozzles
3 Brush Packs (Indian tanks)
3 Wildland Rakes
Foam Eductor
AFFF Foam Supply
Accountability Board/Tags