Engine 63-14

Volunteers & Community Since 1908.

2021 KME Panther Pumper

Function: 1st due to any fire, 2nd due to accidents, serves as RIT
Pump: 1500 GPM
Tank: 1000 gallons
Seats: 8 Firefighters

Attack Lines

3-200ft 1-3/4 inch crosslays
1-200ft 1-3/4 inch foam
2-200ft 2-1/2 inch pre-connected lines
1-400ft 1-3/4 inch pre-connected line
1-200ft 1-3/4 inch bumper line

Equipment Inventory
1200 ft. of 5″ Large Diameter Hose
600 ft. of 3″ Hose
Thermal Imaging Camera
MSA 4-Gas Meter
2 Chainsaws
2 Roof saws
1 Rotary Saw
12 ft. Roof Ladder
24 ft. Extension Ladder
Accountability Board/Tags

Hurst e-draulic combi-tool
Hurst e-draulic strong-arm
Vehicle strut system
Box Cribbing
Rescue Rope Kits
Collapsible Stokes Basket
Backboard/Patient Packaging
Medical Supplies

Hazmat Materials
Numerous Hand Tools