Department and Mutual Aid Water Movement Class

Volunteers & Community Since 1908.

For the past two Mondays, the Schuylkill Haven Fire Department and local Mutual Aid companies have been engaged in simulated rural water movement drills (no hydrants).

The classes, which were arranged by State Instructor Guy Arndt, took place in many places within and beyond the borough. Additionally, a range of scenarios was fabricated to simulate real-world situations.

To provide an ample supply of water for master streams at a simulated structure fire, fire crews set up tanker fill and dump sites in various locations.

The Liberty Fire Company would like to thank everyone who helped make this drill a success including mutual companies, local property owners, and the fire police who donated their time to ensure our safety on the roadway.

The opportunity to partake in this class will occur again in the fall, providing other mutual companies with the chance of attending.

Photos via Drone 63, and MLK Photos.

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