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Members – Liberty Fire Company No. 4


Fire Officers For 2018
Chief – Keith Sweigert Radio- 63-92
Asst. Chief – Aaron Schimpf Radio- 63-95
Chief Engineer – Sam Detweiler
1st Asst. Engineer – Rick Kremer
2nd Asst. Engineer – Darren Boyer
Executive Officers for 2018
President – Greg Semanco
Vice President- Nora Peel
Secretary- Aimee Peel
Financial Secretary- Jen Semanco
Treasurer- Leroy Boyer
Trustee- Justin Peel
Trustee- Robert Peel
Trustee- Mike Gossard

Active Firefighters for 2018

Arndt, Guy – *Safety Officer
Arndt, Sally
Aungst IV, Lester
Boyer, Darren
Boyer, Leroy
Boyer, Tyler
Daley, Janna
Depsky, Kristin
Detweiler, Sam
Detweiler, Ray
Detweiler, Samantha
Gossard, Mike
Haeseler, Jake
Johns, Evan
Koch, Carter
Koch, Will
Lehman, Katelyn
Krammes, Mark
Kremer, Rick
Messner, Mark
Motko, Andy
Mumbauer, Brian
Peel, Aimee
Peel, Jut
Peel, Preston
Peel, Robert
Raz, Adam
Reed, Chuck
Rhody, Tom
Shappell, Cam
Schimpf, Aaron
Semanco, Greg
Semanco, Nick
Semanco, Josh
Semanco, Zack
Sweigert, Keith
Sweigert, Jake
Tinari, John
Williams, Andy
Zwigart, Todd



If anyone has been missed, please contact the webmaster.