June 4, 2019 – Working House Fire (South Manheim)

June 4, 2019 -At 21:25 Fire District 63 was dispatched t0 710 Berne Drive, South Manheim Township for a reported house fire. Deputy 63 was the first to arrive on scene and advised all incoming units of a fully involved working fire. First arriving 63-64(Squad) stretched two attack lines to Side A and Side C of the structure. Next arriving Engine 63-12 (Station 2) placed an additional 1-3/4 line in service and supplied Squad 63-64 with tank water.

Engine 63-14 setup drafting operations over a nearby bridge. Due to the shallow water levels in the creek, crews from Engine 63-14 constructed a temporary dam made out of a ladder and tarps to pool the water levels around the floating dock. The Engine was then able to establish water supply to Engine 63-12.