Wreaths Across America Ceremony

The Liberty Fire Company is very proud and honored to have been a part of this year’s Wreaths Across America to show support for our nation’s Military. Thank you to everyone who has served, or is currently serving our great nation!


Liberty To Host Antique & Classic Car Show


August 12, 2013 – Hazardous Materials Company Training

On Monday August 12, 2013, members from Station 4 participated in a hazardous materials training covering the correct methodologies of vapor dispersion and vapor suppression. Fire personnel advanced a hoselines to the area of a leaking propane tank and used a fog pattern to disperse and lower the concentration of the hazardous vapor. Other topics covered throughout the evening included; equipment used for applying foam, foam classifications, and foam application techniques.

September 28th, 2013 – Liberty Fire Co. To Host Borough Day Car Show

Flyer and registration info coming soon!

Liberty Fire president wants more effort over fire agreement

SCHUYLKILL HAVEN – The president of Liberty Fire Company, Schuylkill Haven, said more of an effort should be made between Schuylkill Haven Borough and North Manheim Township relating to a fire protection agreement due to expire Dec. 31.

“It’s just sad all of these elected officials can’t make this happen,” Mike Gossard said at Wednesday’s borough council meeting.

The fire protection agreement between the borough, the township and four other municipalities – Orwigsburg, Landingville, Cressona and Pottsville – provides coverage to the township. What it provides coverage for has been in question, officials say. The township takes the stance it provides for fires in the township, solicitor Mark Semanchik said. Schuylkill Haven says it covers more than that.

Prior to the current 10-year agreement…Read the rest of the article over at the Pottsville Republican.

January 12, 2011 – Tanker 738 Returns To Station 4

January 12, 2011 – After being placed out of service after the night a large commercial fire in the borough, we are happy to announce that Tanker 738 has been repaired and made it’s return back to the borough yesterday around 14:00 hrs. [Read more…]

Station 4 Confined Space Training

On Monday December 13, 2010, Members of Station 4 participated in an in-house confined space training/rescue drill.  The purpose of the drill was to simulate the hazardous conditions and obstacles a firefighter may encounter during an interior search or partial building collapse. The drill lasted for approximately 2 hours as different safety topics and techniques were covered. [Read more…]

October 29, 2010 – Live Scanner Feed Courtesy of Radio Reference.com

We found this live scanner feed courtesy of Radio Reference.com. This is a great fee to listen to Schuylkill County EMS, FIRE, and POLICE.

Schuylkill FIRE, EMS, POLICE live feed

Liberty President Mike Gossard Featured In Local Newspaper

October 10, 2010 – In an article publish October 9, 2010, Liberty Fire Co.’s President was featured on the front page of the Pottsville Republican in regards to the installation of a residential sprinkler system installed in his new home. The article weighs the pros and cons about new measures leading to more sprinkler system installation in newer construction. An excerpt of the article and Mike’s comments are posted below. Feel free to check out the original article over at the Republican and Herald website.

Mike Gossard, president of Schuylkill Haven’s Liberty Hose Company No. 4, recently built a 600-square-foot ranch home off Schuylkill Mountain Road in South Manheim Township.

Despite the home being built before the Jan. 1 deadline, he decided to install a sprinkler system anyway, for a very simple reason.

“Because I’m a fireman,” Gossard said in an interview Friday. “We don’t live in a place with fire hydrants. I know how difficult it is to get water up to areas that don’t have hydrants.”

He said he paid $5,200 for the system. Of that, he said $1,800 went to water pumps and tanks since his home does not have access to municipal water.

“If we had municipal water, it would have been cheaper,” Gossard said.

Picture Courtesy of the Republican and Herald.

October 12, 2010 – More Fire Prevention Activities

The Liberty Fire Company No. 4 hosted 28 members of the Schuylkill Haven Area Middle School’s after-school program Tuesday afternoon as part of Fire Prevention Week. The group, escorted by teachers Marisa Horbal, Courtney Richardson and Kevin Bayliff, received a tour of the fire station and the apparatus.

Since most of the students participated in the fire safety presentation the previous week at the middle school, Chief Engineer Leroy Boyer talked to the group of students in grades 5-7 about what it takes to be a firefighter, the age requirements and the different tasks volunteer firefighters in Schuylkill Haven perform. He educated the group about the different stations and apparatus in the Schuylkill Haven Fire Department and what each vehicle is used for. Firefighter Danielle Snyder showed off the turnout gear that firefighters wear and Mrs. Richardson then donned a full set of turnout gear to show the students.

The fire prevention program was the fifth in a span of nine days done by members of the Liberty Fire Company, as fire safety programs were done at the Schuylkill Haven Area Middle School, Discovery Workshop Day Care and Safe Haven Day Care in addition to the visits by the Schuylkill Haven Elementary School on Friday and the after-school program Tuesday.

If your group would like to tour the fire station, or have members from our station visit your school or day care to talk about fire prevention and fire safety, contact the firehouse at 385-3341.

October 11, 2010 – Fire Prevention At Penn State Schuylkill

October 11, 2010 –  Stations 1, 2 & 4 participated in Fire Prevention Activities at Penn State Schuylkill Campus. Students were educated on the basic elements of fire safety and had a chance to view apparatus and equipment on display by the SHFD’s three companies: Rainbow, Schuylkill and Liberty. Fire personnel was also provided with a tour of the new housing facility “Nittany 5” in-case of an emergency. The campus provided food to all those who participated as the night’s activities progressed. The Schuylkill Haven Fire Department would like to thank Penn State Schuylkill for hosting the event during fire prevention week(s).

October 6, 2010 – Fire Prevention Week Activities

The Schuylkill Haven Fire Department conducted a fire safety program for the students in the Schuylkill Haven Middle School on Monday as part of Fire Prevention Week.

A total of approximately 305 students in grades 5-7 were informed about the dangers of fire and what to do in case their house caught fire by Liberty Fire Company chief engineer Leroy Boyer. The students were then taken through the Fire Safety Trailer provided by the Deer Lake & West Brunswick Township Fire Company. Inside the trailer, the students were showed fire hazards in the kitchen, and had to crawl through a bedroom filled with artificial smoke.

The students then got a chance to view apparatus and equipment on display by the SHFD’s three companies: Rainbow, Schuylkill and Liberty. Pictures coming soon!