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Line Officers For 2014
Chief – Dennis Snyder    Radio- 735
Asst. Chief – Keith Sweigert  Radio- 735-A
Chief Engineer – Kevin Reiley   Radio- 735-B
1st Asst. Engineer- Sam Detweiler  Radio- 735-C
2nd Asst. Engineer-  Aaron Schimpf   Radio- 735-D

Executive Officers for 2014
President – Aaron “Squid” Schimpf
Vice President- Mike “Goose” Gossard
Secretary-  Aimee Peel
Financial Secretary-  Sally Arndt
Treasurer-  Leroy Boyer
Trustee-  Justin Peel
Trustee-  Chuck Reed
Trustee-  Kevin Reiley

Active Members

If anyone has been missed, please contact the webmaster.